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Suggested bike rides around Portland

There are any bike routes we recommend in the city of Portland, Oregon. Portland is the #1 city in the USA for biking. So it’s only normal that there are plenty of biking routes.

But what are these biking routes? Let us start with explaining these.

Best Biking routes around Portland, OR

  • Four Parks of East Portland Ride
  • Heart of St. Johns Peninsula Ride
  • The Classic Waterfront Loop Ride
  • The Art of Foster Ride
  • Parkrose Pedal Tours
  • Roses, Parks and Greens Tour
  • Sellwood-Moreland Nature Ride
  • Ladd’s Key to SE Portland Ride
  • North Portland Bike to Books Tour Ride
  • North Greeley and Greenways Ride
  • SW Multnomah-Vermont Ride

These are 11 principal biking routes we recommend.

This article was last updated on 12th of November 2021. It will be updated again soon, so you will also know a bit more in detail why we like these routes.

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