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Family Biking: Discovering Traffic Gardens

If you have any kids who are growing up and who are almost ready to bike around on their own, then now might be the perfect time for them to learn how to signal and when its safe to go. Now that Portland was locked down during pandemic there’s even more space available. Now might be the perfect time to check out a traffic garden (a.k.a. traffic safety playground) 

Traffic gardens are a safe space for children to practice crossing the street and using bike signals. Before you visit, watch some bicycle education videos from Oregon! The benefit of this is that it will give your children good visuals before they venture out. Besides that, they will have some other ideas for things to do/practice on the playground.

There are a lot of these traffic gardens around the city of Portland, Oregon. One family said they recently visited the traffic gardens at Channing Heights Park in Beaverton and also Bicentennial Park in Hillsboro.

Your little kids will enjoy jumping from footprint to footprint on the marked pedestrian paths. At Channing Heights Park, a small installation limited just to painted streets poses problems for visitors who want their kids playing outside in an active manner and not getting hurt by paint that could easily stain or get into their skin if touched without protection like gloves!

Definitely go to the traffic garden at Bicentennial Park in Hillsboro. Our experience there was fantastic! This installation covered a large and interesting area. With painted roadways that looped around curving paths, complete with stop signs for pedestrians to cross safely – it really looked like our own miniature set of city streets!

Of course, these are only 2 examples of traffic gardens around the city. There are many more accross the city. Keep this article bookmarked since we will regularly update this article.

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