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Bicycles in Portland Fact Sheet

Here you will find some of the more interesting statistics about cycling in Portland.

  • A total of 80% of bikers in Portland wear helmets
  • 35% of bicyclists are female.
  • Currently, close to 10% of Portland commuters go by bike (this is a statistic we are very proud of)

This is a statistic we are very proud of. It’s actually the HIGHEST percentage of bike commuters for a large American city. In numbers, it means that more than 25,000 workers in Portland decide to go to work with a bicycle. If we compare this with the national number it’s even more crazy. Only 0.5% of commuters use a bicycle to go to work.

  • There are 385 miles of bikeways across the area of Portland. Every year there is constructed even more bikeways. The 385 miles are of three principal types:
    • 94 miles of Neighborhood Greenways
    • 162 miles of bike lanes, and
    • 85 miles of paths
    • (another 9 miles are shared roadways marked with shared lane markings, only).

There is also 35.5 miles of bikeways built to provide more physical separation between people bicycling and automobiles, which makes it a very safe city to bike. This includes 28.5 miles of buffered bike lanes and 7 miles of protected bicycle lanes.

  • There are 42 bicycle boxes at 33 intersections raise visibility of cyclists for drivers turning right.
  • 1 large American city – Portland – was named a “platinum” bicycle friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists – its highest rating. Portland was also named the #1 bike-friendly city by Bicycling magazine for many years running.
  • 31 intersections have bicycle-specific traffic signals to improve safety by reducing conflicts and unpredictability and to make traffic move more efficiently.
  • Over 100 schools are served by Portland’s Safe Routes to School Program, with services that include:
    • 31 traffic engineering plans designed for schools to make pick-up and drop-off safer, more efficient and less polluted and
    • 40 education programs operating at schools to teach kids about traffic safety and how to be safe pedestrians and bicyclists when actively going to school.
  • 6500 publicly-installed bike racks are in Portland’s right of way to accommodate the high demand for bicycle parking, including:
    • 158 bike corrals with multiple bike racks in on-street parking spaces at major destinations. They’re installed based on property owner request.
  • 28 Sunday Parkways events have seen 691,000 people attending since beginning in 2008, with:
    • 24,000 people attending an average Sunday Parkways, and
    • 90% of attendees counted riding bikes.
  • 3 bicycle plans have guided Portland’s growth as a bike-friendly city for nearly 40 years by establishing policies, goals and a bikeway network that aim to make the bicycle an integral part of daily life. The plans were adopted by City Council in 1973, 1996 and 2010.
  • $60 million is the estimated replacement value for Portland’s bicycling infrastructure in 2008. That’s the approximate cost for one mile of urban freeway.

These statistics were found on the official site of Portland, and have last been updated on April 2019.

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