My name is Sean Robbins and I am a local hobby cyclist based in Portland.

Sean Robbins Cycling During Sunset in Portland

I have a real passion for the cycling sport and an equally intense passion for technology. I am an experienced web designer, starting back in the early 90’s with first-generation browsers and extremely unsophisticated web server technology. Since then technology has progressed to the point where I can easily put sites like this together in little time and concentrate more on content for the site. It makes things more interesting. I am also very passionate in the real estate industry and I consider myself an entrepreneur.

Last year, I noticed that, although there are some great clubs in the area, there is a disproportionate number of cyclists that actually don’t belong to a club. I wondered to myself how they find out about where to ride and what’s happening in the area. I also have many friends who don’t wish to join a cycling club, but are avid cyclists. They also were at a loss as to the wealth of cycling in the area.

Over the past couple years, I have learned many cool things about where to ride, who I can ride with and what events are going on in Portland and surrounding areas. Now I want to share that knowledge with the folks I described above, who may never be part of a formal cycling club.

So combining my techie skills with my sporting passion was a natural fit for me. I put this site up for the love of cycling and the web. I am hoping that some of you can join me to help keep it going, by providing your events, stories, photos and other cool content that you think folks like us will enjoy.

Are you not interested in cycling? That’s OK, there are plenty of other sports you could do in Portland, OR. You can read this Portland outdoor guide if you are interested in other sports based in the city. There is something for everyone!

We hope our website is very valuable for you and helps you with your cycling journey.

Sean Robbins