• What is PortlandCycling.net?
  • Who is the Website Owner of PortlandCycling.net?
  • How is PortlandCycling.net different from other cycling clubs?
  • How much does a PortlandCycling.net membership cost?
  • Why do I need to register?

What is PortlandCycling.net?

PortlandCycling.net is an online cycling community. It is designed to give you – the Portland Area Cyclist – resources to make your riding experience fun, positive and safe. Our maps database will show you places to ride that you may not have considered or heard of. Our ride calendar lists organized group rides from many local-area cycling clubs and groups. We have pointers to cycling community events and organizations like BikePortland.org, SHIFT and the BTA, where you can plug into a wealth of recreational, commuting and alternative cycling opportunities.
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Who is the Website Owner of PortlandCycling.net?

PortlandCycling.net is an old website that was started by Carlo Delumpa. Unfortunately, this website has been inactive for over 10 years. The new owner of this website is Sean Robbins (you can read more about Sean Robbins here). Sean Robbins is a real estate investor in Portland, and a bike enthusiast. This was the perfect website to buy!

How is PortlandCycling.net different from other cycling clubs?

PortlandCycling.net is an online cycling community and not an actual cycling club, like the Vancouver Bicycle Club (VBC). These fine organizations sponsor weekly rides and yearly events and have monthly face-to-face meetings. They reach a section of the cycling community that is concerned mostly with recreational rides and riders.

PortlandCycling.net draws from local club calendars and also participation from various local bike club members for content, but our goal is to reach a much wider audience. There are many cyclists in our area that enjoy riding solo or with friends and not in organized groups. They are looking for new places to ride and might be enticed to join a club ride if they could find one that is right for them. PortlandCycling.net provides maps and event calendars to help this group of riders.

Bike commuters are another audience – folks who take on cycling as part of their lifestyle, in addition to their leisure time activity. I am not personally a bike commuter, but I hope to find some folks quickly who can provide some resources/content to share on the site.

Finally, there are many cyclists outside of Portland – and even Oregon – who may be thinking of coming to the area to cycle. We want to help them come away with the most positive cycling experience they have ever had. It happened to me a couple years ago, and I was so smitten I decided to move here. That’s not the ultimate goal of PortlandCycling.net, but you get the idea.
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How much does a PortlandCycling.net membership cost?

A: Nothing. Nada. Zero. This website will always be free.

Why do I need to register?

(currently all content is free, and you don’t need to register anymore)

You really don’t, if you don’t want to, and you will still get access to 99% of the site content. The only thing you will miss out on is the ability to subscribe to the newsletter and calendar events. Also coming soon will be a discussion forum, blog and volunteer opportunities listing, all of which will require that you register with us.

If you decide to register, we promise to never share your information with anyone, we will never sell your info and we will never send you anything you didn’t ask for in the first place.

Building a virtual community means we need to know how to reach out to our members, hence contact information. We respect your privacy and your right to refuse. you’ll still get a great experience at PortlandCycling.net!